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Medical Publications

Keen Scientific can help you disseminate your scientific and clinical data in a fair and balanced manner. We help manage the draft, review process with your internal team members and the quality control. Our medical publications services include the following:

Publication Planning

Our multi-channel publication planning service begins with a meticulous scan of the current healthcare landscape (including literature, field reports and HCP maps) to identify knowledge gaps.   We then determine the proper stakeholders and channels to disseminate your scientific platform. Our writers will partner with you to customize a tactical publication plan, and develop a comprehensive data package to drive evidence-based, audience-appropriate content.  We liaise with authors, journal editors and other stakeholders to ensure a seamless submission process.

Journal article manuscripts

We start our manuscript service with a thorough literature search for a current, relevant reference list. We capture key data and insights to craft manuscripts for primary research, pre-specified sub-analyses and post hoc analyses. We also deliver manuscripts for pre-prints, systematic literature reviews, case studies and case series.

Lay summaries

We understand the need to empower patients, caregivers and advocacy groups on the path towards improved outcomes. Our medical writers can simplify the most complex scientific and clinical data while using concise and inclusive language. Our lay summaries have been crafted for journal articles and website content.

As part of our Medical Publications services we also offer reference and bibliography repository development and maintenance for specific products, portfolios or indications.

To maximize accessibility to your content, we can translate your deliverables into dozens of local languages.